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Plastic surgery

Dr. Sellend performs the following aesthetic-plastic surgeries:


Plastic surgery i.e. aesthetic surgery is a special branch of cosmetic surgery. The definition of beauty is relative. It is said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Plastic or aesthetic surgery should not seek to change a person to correspond to certain standards; instead, it should try to preserve the person’s originality. Thus, every plastic surgery is very individual. Most plastic surgeries are such which can be made but do not have to be made. Despite this, plastic surgery is medicine, not business.

In plastic surgery patients sometimes have unrealistic expectations. So that you could assess whether plastic surgery is an answer to your problem, you should come to the surgeon’s consultation.



Plastic surgery consultations

Each person is an individual and therefore every surgery is different. There are no standard plastical surgeries. The surgeon need to see the patient, listen his/her wishes and expectations. Only then can the surgeon make a diagnosis and decide how to help the patient. The surgeon will explain to the patient the nature of the surgery, the risks and regime. Patients are able to make their choice based on information received from the surgeon. Between consultation and surgery can be maximum 6 months.

Examine the surgeon’s credentials: does the surgeon have the plastic surgeon’s activity licence and how experienced the surgeon is.

Be realistic about your expectations: an ethical plastic surgeon will explain which solution is possible/suitable in your case, what are the surgery risks and the expected result.


Patient’s guide

• If the last consultation was over 6 months ago, You should first come again for a consultation to confirm the validity of your previous diagnosis.
• When You come in for surgery, Your skin must be clean, free of makeup and perfumes.
• On the day of surgery, You may not suffer from an acute illness – cough, cold, fever, herpes.
• If surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia, eating and drinking is not allowed 6 hours before the surgery. If surgery is carried out under local anaesthesia, a light meal is allowed 2-3 hours before the surgery.
• For one week prior to surgery and one week after surgery, do not take any medications that thin the blood such as aspirin and ibuprofen.
• Sports and heavy physical work are not allowed until two weeks after the surgery. However, in order for wound(s) to successfully heal, good blood supply is required. Therefore, moderate activity, walking in the fresh air is recommended.
• Do not apply salve or a compress to the operated area without a doctor’s consent.
• More detailed instructions before and after surgery are provided by the surgeon during consultation, taking into consideration the individuality of each patient.

Dr. Sellend is a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

Estonian Health Care Board has granted Dr. Sellend activity licence no L02035 for practicing plastic surgery.